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AirDoctor combines our UltraHEPA™ filter with our proprietary dual action Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC filter to remove or substantially reduce virtually all the particles, toxic ozone, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and gases from the air in your home.

AirDoctor features professional WhisperJet fans, which are 30% quieter than ordinary air purifiers, and features a built-in air quality monitor which lets you know if your indoor air quality is good, moderate or poor and automatically adjusts the level of filtration based on the air quality in the room.
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AirDoctor Classic Filters
One Year Combo Pack
$180.00 retail value
One-year combo pack includes one (1) UltraHEPA™ filter and two (2) Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC filters.
Savings of $58
Delivers Annually
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$9.95 S&P
Savings of $35
One-time Delivery
AirDoctor Replacement Filters - Two Year Combo Pack
Two-year combo pack includes two (2) UltraHEPA™ filters and four (4) Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC filters.
$9.95 S&P
AirDoctor UltraHEPA™ Replacement Filter
AirDoctor UltraHEPA™ filters lasts for one year (under normal use) and are designed to capture ultra-fine PM 2.5 particles from the air. That is 100 times smaller than regular HEPA filters.
$9.95 S&P
AirDoctor Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC Replacement Filter
The dual-action Carbon/Gas Trap/VOC filter lasts for 6 months (under normal use) and removes toxic ozone, gas, odors and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
$9.95 S&P
AirDoctor Replacement Pre-Filter
The pre-filter is designed to remove larger contaminates like dust and animal hair. Under normal use, the pre-filter can be hand-washed and reused. This can be purchased as a replacement.
$9.95 S&P
AirDoctor Compact Filters
AirDoctor Compact Filter Set
What's included:

1 UltraHEPA filter, which captures 100% of airborne particles at .003 microns. This includes contaminants like dust, pollen, mold spores, cigarette smoke, pet hair, and dander, bacteria and viruses.

1 Carbon Gas Trap/VOC filter that reduces toxic gasses known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air that come from cleaning products, paint, and off-gassing from flooring, furniture & building materials.
$9.95 S&P
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